Momina Mustehsan’s Twitter Reply Will Leave Haters Speechless!


Is Momina Mustehsan dating Ali Zafar’s baby brother Danyal Zafar? Is Momina Mustehsan just another pretty face? Questions regarding her personal life and appearance kept making rounds over the social media more than her talent. Momina finally had enough and decided to shut the haters.

Momina Mustehsan In A relationship With Ali Zafar’s Brother ?

First off, Momina cleared her relationship status through a Twitter post

So all you guys can breathe in peace now! She isn’t taken YET! As for who can win her over? Well, it’ll take a guy with class and substance to woo the beauty!

A guy tried to bash her on social media, but her reply bashed him worse!

More power to you girl! That how you stand up for yourself and the million other women! She made a long post on facebook stating, “Didn’t know “maid girls” at a Pakistani’s house couldn’t be beautiful. You CANNOT write-off someone and consider them inferior in any way based on how much money they make. WHY can’t a “maid girl” be beautiful?! Because she’s working as a maid, she can’t be considered a human?! And why would being compared to a maid be something offensive? I’m sure a maid works harder than me! Guys, we need to start looking at the bigger picture! Learn to RESPECT everyone and try not to feel superior to others based on such superficial and pointless things. As for me, I never claimed to be something or someone extraordinary. Yes, I’m just another average girl, minding my own business, and trying to live my life. Take home message: LOVE AND RESPECT FOR ALL.”

Beautiful reply from a truly beautiful woman!

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