Moor Actor Hameed Sheikh Wins Big At Asia Pacific Film Festival Awards 2017


Pakistani film Moor, which was appreciated by fans and critics alike in 2015, is now being recognised by Asia-Pacific Film Festival. Directed and written by Jami, Moor became a benchmark for the budding Pakistani cinema.

Recently, Hameed Sheikh, who stunned everyone with his portrayal of Wahidullah (a dejected man torn between past and future) won the Special Jury Award in Awards Ceremony of 57th Asia-Pacific Film Festival for his acting in Moor.

Sheikh has also given commendable performances in movies like in Khuda Kay Liye and Operation O21.

For his lead role in Moor, Sheikh was approached by Jami, director and writer of the movie, to play the role of an old man whose family was affected by the closure of a Railway Station in Zhob Valley, Baluchistan.

In preparation for the role, Sheikh gained a lot of weight and changed his posture and walking style. He described his role as “genuinely challenging”, yet didn’t charge a dime for the project since he believed the film would open doors for young actors of Baluchistan.

Proud and happy, Hameed Sheikh shared the good news on his Facebook account. He posted a photo with other winning actors at 57th Asia-Pacific Film Festival 2017.  Previously, he won the same award for his movie Khuda Kay Liye in 2006 at 50th Asia Pacific Film Festival held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.