“Motorcycle Girl Is About More Than Just Travelling”, Zenith Irfan


With only a day left in the release of Motorcycle Girl, the whole team is busy promoting this upcoming movie which has already gained so much prominence among the audience!

Directed by Adnan Sarwar, Motorcycle Girl is a biopic on Zenith Irfan, the first woman to travel across Pakistan alone on a motorcycle and as the trailer has revealed, this movie is going to break many stereotypes and social norms that reside in our society!

Zenith has also been actively participating in the promotion of her biopic and while sharing her feelings about Motorcycle Girl, she discussed how this movie is not just about traveling but has a much bigger message in it!

 “I want you all to know that Motorcycle Girl is not just an average film about motorcycles or traveling, it’s a film about a daughter’s relationship with her father and how she connects with God while on a quest to find her father in the mountains.”

While talking about her father she said,

“It’s not as easy as it looks,” she added. “It’s a special and personal moment for my family. I wonder how my father would have reacted to all of this. I know for sure he is looking down at us with a smile and at the same time, I am angry that he is not here with us to share this beautiful moment.”

It is, indeed, a big achievement for Zenith as she has fulfilled her father’s wish and in the end, she added,

“Dream my father saw and how he hoped to ride across the world on a motorcycle!”

Zenith also shared pictures from Motorcycle Girl and related them with her actual ones and the uncanny resemblance between them shows how much efforts the team has put in to bring reality to this project!

Zenith also shared her ongoing excitement about her biopic and is really looking forward to the big premiere tomorrow!

Starring Sohai Ali Abro, Motorcycle Girl is all set to release on the 20th of April and will bring something really special to our screens!

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