Motorcycle Girl Sohai Ali Abro’s Trip To Hunza Is Travel Goals


After making waves as the Motorcycle Girl, it seems like Sohai Ali Abro is now taking out some time for herself, just like Zenith Irfan’s character in the hit flick, but not on a motorcycle.

The starlet has recently been wandering in Passu while leaving all of the fans and followers gaga over her.

The actress also happened to interact and spend quality time with a lot of young Kashmiri girls as well.

Sohai Ali Abro took to her Instagram account to share the pictures with the caption:

“Best time spent. EVER!”

Here are the pictures from her trip to Hunza!

Her captions say it all! 

The motorcycle girl taking a selfie with her fans! 

These girls have my ♥️ . . . . #girlsquad #passugojalhunzagilgitbaltistan 🌸🇵🇰💞

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The actress with a cute little bunch of Kashmiri girls and teachers


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Seems like she evidently enjoys the company of the kids and these pictures are enough proof.

Sohai had been traveling a lot because of her movie but it seems like her heart was left somewhere in the beauty of Hunza.

Her movie Motorcycle Girl is biographical adventure film which is based on the life of motorcyclist girl Zenith Irfan, the first ever female biker who took a solo journey to Pakistan’s northern areas.

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