Muneeb Butt Hit Back at Haters for His Wedding Bash!

Muneeb Butt replies to haters

It’s Aineeb, Aineeb everywhere!

Muneeb Butt and Aiman Khan, undoubtedly, make the cutest celebrity couple in town who have recently had their nikkah. The couple is trending all over the internet, celebrating the most important event of their lives to its fullest.

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From the bridal shower, dholki, Nikkah and post-nikkah Mayun, to a slumber party and a Lollywood night till now, pictures from the extravagant events from the #Aineeb wedding pop up on our news feeds every other day and we can’t help but adore this way too lovely couple.

Aineeb has stolen all the attention and the couple still has planned a few more events in coming days.  Where many are drooling over this couple for their oh-so-adorable chemistry, others have had enough of it already.

Since internet spares no one, Muneeb and Aiman have also faced a backlash for organizing so many events and setting an unrealistic example for their followers.

In short, #Aineeb is the new meme these days!

Things got a bit intense when a follower came up with a hateful comment on the couple’s picture from the Lollywood night.

This comment caught the attention of the groom himself and he came up with a perfect reply to all the trolls. He explained that it’s their personal matter to decide how they want to celebrate their happiness.

Moreover, Muneeb said that he doesn’t like to brag about all the charity work he does on social media and the amount he is spending on the wedding is not even half of it.

Muneeb Butt decided to pour down his heart and here’s what he said:

Well, the groom has singlehandedly shut down all the haters who are targeting him for the extravaganza the #Aineeb wedding has proven to be.

We can’t wait to see more pictures of Muneeb and Aiman from their upcoming events.

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