Karachi’s Theatre scene was in dire need of a good intelligent play and Olompolo Media’s Mushk just gave the audience what they wanted; written by Rabia Qadir Zia and Seemal Numan, this Kanwal Khoosat play entertained audience for more than 2 hours, despite not having more than two actors on the stage for the entire duration. When the two actors are named Sania Saeed and Nimra Bucha, there was no need to think twice about watching it.

Sania and Nimra – two of the most talented and popular theatre actors in Pakistan – were on top of their game in the play. Sania played Zoe Kabir, the journalist interviewing the Sofia an author played by Nimra; it was their interaction, their conversation and their ability to deliver that saw the play gain new heights and make the audience sit through the 2 hours just to know how the play ends.

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The play falls into the suspense, drama and mystery genre where the two talk about their lives and after agreeing on disagreeing find the middle ground. In the first half, Sania comes out as a perfect journalist who has a fan moment before realizing that the person being interviewed has her own issues. Nimra as the author does a commendable job and for the first time in my experience, I have seen a co-actor be at par with Sania if not better. She seems to have the meatier role, or maybe it’s because her character is established as soon as the play begins.

The highlights of the play are its dialogues and its huge set that grabs your attention as soon as the curtains open for the first time. It is so believable that you feel as if the stage is set somewhere else instead of Arts Council, Karachi. Both the actors use the set as their battleground and come out all guns blazing, intriguing the audience as to what will happen next. The play was only staged for just 3 days in Karachi and one hopes that it is staged again so that those who had missed it will be able to wipe off that regret from their conscious.