Na Maloom Afraad 2: Hania Aamir’s Desi Look is Going Viral!

na maloom afraad 2

Hania Aamir, once again, took the internet by storm as her sassy look for Na Maloom Afraad part 2 was revealed. The internet responded with excitement on seeing Hania rocking the Nomi Ansari outfit for her upcoming movie.

The pictures have been circulating everywhere and we cannot help but admire the unique beauty of this teen actress.

But seriously, have you seen how flawless Hania looked on the sets of the film?

Hania Aamir is The Leading Lady in Pakistani Movie Na Maloom Afraad 2!

Undoubtedly these pictures will make your day!

Joined by her co-star Mohsin Abbas Haider, the two made the sets of Na Maloom Afraad 2 look really awesome.

Hence we cannot but wait for the speedy release of the film.

The storyline of the film revolves around Farhan (Fahad Mustafa) and Naina (Urwa Hocane) are now married and go for their honeymoon to Cape Town, South Africa. As the trailer reveals, Farhan’s best friend Moon (Mohsin Abbas Haider) and Naina’s father Shakeel bhai (Javed Sheikh) are also a part of their honeymoon.

During the trip, Farhan decides to have some fun for one last time and convinces Shakeel bhai and Moon to steal the rich Sheikh Sultan al Bakhlava’s commode –made of solid gold. But sadly, the pot is stolen by another gang before they could.

The story takes a twist when Naina and Hania’s character is kidnapped for ransom. Isn’t intriguing it? I for one cannot wait to watch this one!


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