Naam Shabana Movie Banned in Pakistan For The Most Ridiculous Reason EVER!


Bollywood movie Naam Shabana, featuring Taapsee Pannu and a cameo by Akshay Kumar was released in Pakistan on Friday 31st March, 2017. However, the next thing we knew, the movie was banned in Pakistan – one day AFTER it had been cleared to screen for all viewers! Shocking, isn’t it?

Incidentally, Naam Shabana is the prequel of 2015’s Baby. Sound familiar? That’s because Baby was the Bollywood debut of Pakistani actor Mikaal Zulfiqar. Baby was also banned in Pakistan.

Nueplex Cinemas Pakistani has issued a notice on their website, which says:


After Begum Jaan (with Vidya Balan’s epic portrayal of a brothel owner), Naam Shabana is the second major women-centered movie to be banned in Pakistan in 2017.

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Sources reveal that the censor board has taken this shocking decision because they feel that Taapsee Pannu’s character, Shabana, is too bold, clever and shrewd for the Pakistani audience. According to our sources, the censor board feels that Shabana will cast a negative influence over the young and impressionable moviegoers of Pakistan.

Yes, you read that right!

Apparently, the censor board passed the movie earlier passed the movie for viewership. However, when all shows were booked and cinemas were houseful, the censor board has decided to ban the movie, fearing an unfavorable impact on the Pakistani audience.

Bollywood Movie Begum Jaan Banned in Pakistan!

Naam Shabana is the third Bollywood movie to be banned in Pakistan in 2017.

Meanwhile, Indians who have seen the movie are full of praises:

We wonder if any of the upcoming Pakistani movies played a hand in the ban on Naam Shabana. This may be likely, as 2 new Pakistani movies are releasing in April 2017. It could be that either or both of these movies may have leaned onto the censor board to ban Naam Shabana, as the Indian movie was houseful in every cinema, the day it was released.

naam shabana movie banned in pakistan

In our opinion, art should be free and available for everyone. With the pirated versions of all Hollywood & Bollywood movies coming out within a month of their release, is banning these movies really worth it?

Take a look at the trailer of Naam Shabana:

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