Nadia Jamil Loses Her Cool Over Samina Peerzada’s Talk Show After Interview

nadia jamil

Veteran actress Samina Peerzada has been making waves around the country with her YouTube show called ‘Speak Your Heart Out’.

Almost every prominent celebrity of the Pakistani entertainment industry has appeared in the show where they have shared many secrets of their lives.

Moreover, Samina Peerzada’s graceful style of hosting is also winning the hearts of her fans and followers all over again.

Surprisingly, the actress turned host is now facing major backlash on the internet.

Recently, popular Pakistani actress Nadia Jamil appeared in the show and as expected, netizens got really excited about this episode.

Soon after, Nadia Jamil took to her Facebook account and said that she has distanced herself from the show as it is sponsored by a famous whitening cream ‘Fair and Lovely’.

The starlet wrote:

Although I have a deep respect for Samina Peerzada and love her a lot, I want to publicly distance myself from the heinously racist and demoralising brand Fair and Lovely. I had no idea they sponsor the interview I have recorded. Till right now

She added:

I cannot and do not endorse the need for ANY woman to lighten her skin to look more attractive. A woman’s dark skin is her beauty. She should wear it with extreme pride and love! Yes us women come in different colours, shapes, sizes and personas. Deal with it world. Respect them all please.

She further said:

Stop telling us and making money off brainwashing the planet as to what our standard for beauty needs to be. We are all beautiful. Racism should not be endorsed. Body shaming should not be endorsed.

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