Namaste England Review – Bad, Worse And Worst!


‘If your wife doesn’t accept you back, I will marry you!’ That’s a dialogue of Namaste England where Param (Arjun Kapoor) has to fight with a city (of London) to get back his wife Jasmeet (Parineeti Chopra) otherwise he would marry the better-looking Alisha (Alankrita Sahai) who is a friend of Jasmeet’s husband Sam (Aditya Seal).

It just doesn’t sound confusing, Namaste England is confusing from start till finish as everything happens in the fast-forward mode without any logic and reasoning.

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Directed by Vipul Amrutlal Shah who had called the shots of the first Namaste that happened in London – Namaste London – this film seems like something he conceived, wrote and directed while sleeping.

Here Param and Jasmeet fall in love and marry each other in no time; with Jasmeet wanting to work and his family against it, she thinks that by marrying Param she will become independent but that doesn’t happen as her grandfather disallows it.

What happens next is what the film is all about but hey, doesn’t this sound too simple for a film? Yes it does and no one was excited in the cinema at the plot which seems at least 20 years old! Parineeti Chopra reminds you more of Shraddha Kapoor than her world-famous cousin Priyanka because she apes Shraddha’s expressions and mannerisms so that she can pass as someone really cool.

Half of Bollywood is searching for Shradda’s expressions and mannerisms because they aren’t there, yet Parineeti seems to have found them out. Good for her!

When Arjun Kapoor made his debut (with Parineeti) in Ishaqzaade, they were fresh and acceptable to the audience; since then they have done more bad films than good ones and that’s one of the reasons why people went for Ayushmann Khurrana’s Badhaai Ho than this Ishaqzaade reunion that falls flat.

I still don’t understand why every third Indian movie has something to do with London; DDLJ started the trend and since then there have been more Indian films shot in London than may be British films without any reason.

Just last month Loveyatri had the same storyline where the hero falls in love with an NRI girl and then goes to England searching for her and finds her in no time; here Arjun does the same thing and succeeds taking the audience for a ride.

The director Vipul Amrutlal Shah who was recently accused of sexual harassment by Iranian Supermodel Elnaaz Norouzi could have lived in the glory of his previous film Namaste England that gave Akshay Kumar’s career the push it needed and propelled Katrina Kaif to new heights of stardom, but he chose to try the same formula again and failed big time.

Until and unless you have something concrete to offer, it’s better not to offer anything at all because the world is fast changing and stories that became hits a decade back might look off to new breed of cinegoers. They think before buying a ticket, unlike producers who don’t think before taking up a project and suffer the consequences.

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