Nargis Fakhri Finally Speaks Out About Imran Abbas Dating Rumors

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Bollywood’s babe Nargis Fakhri and Pakistan’s ever dashing Imran Abbas are supposedly dating. The rumor started after a picture of the two together was uploaded on the social media.

Couple Alert!

Take a look:

The two were supposedly linked together as a couple by the paparazzi. When Nargis was questioned about her affairs with Imran she refused to recognize him. Shocking, isn’t it?

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Here’s what she had to say about all this,

“I don’t even know who he is!”

“It’s from an old photo shoot, dating to a year ago.”

Way too cool!

She constantly denied the statements about herself, claiming that the photo shoot was a year old. She’s probably way too cool to be associated with anyone, that also a Pakistani actor? No way.

“I thought of commenting on the speculations but didn’t want to hurt his [Imran’s] feelings. The media is talking about it and he must be excited, so I don’t want to take away anyone’s moment of fun. Let him have his glory.”

Looks like the actress is full of herself and a single word against her is like a moment of shame. The question that arises here is that is Imran even aware of what Nargis is saying about him? Or he has chosen to simply ignore it?

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