Nauman Ijaz and Sunita Marshall to Share Screen After 8 Years in Ghamand!


Nauman Ijaz and Sunita Marshal, the leading stars of the popular TV show “Mera Saaein”, will once again share the screen after 8 years in an upcoming drama “Ghamand”, that is expected to go air soon!

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Written by Saira Raza, Ghamand is a story of an arrogant woman, who thinks she can own anything or anyone, being the only daughter of a filthy rich businessman. Her self-centered personality will affect every relationship in her life. She will find ways to manipulate her husband in order to keep him bound to herself and not realizing the importance of family bond and compassion, she will ultimately lose everything!

Watch the teaser below!

The story will focus on how her egoistic nature and sense of superiority will eventually lead to toxicity in her life and how the outcome of her narcissist attitude will ruin her own child’s life!

Veteran actor Nauman Ijaz has recently played a very crucial role in the much-discussed drama “Darr Si Jati Hai Sila” and he sure did amaze us with the negativity he brought to his character, being a sex offender.

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The model-turned-actress, Sunita Marshall can be seen as Nageen in the ongoing serial “Khalish”, alongside Faysal Qureshi and Asif Raza Mir.

Nauman and Sunita were highly appreciated for their remarkable performances when they appeared on the screen together back in 2010. Let’s see what these two have now to offer in this upcoming play.

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Asim Ali, director of Mere Qatil Mere Dildaar, is geared to bring something special back to our screens. Starring two well-known names of our industry and produced by the very talented Sadia Jabbar, Ghamand is one of the upcoming plays we are excitingly looking forward to!

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