New Look of Armeena Khan and the Principal Cast of “The Achilles Protocol”


Armeena Khan, the flawless beauty, is all set to star in an upcoming International movie “The Achilles Protocol”. The Pakistani-Canadian actress will play a robot in this British Sci- Fi movie, and will  be seen as a threat to the humanity.

“The Achilles Protocol” features Armeena Khan, Christopher Faith, Mark Hill and Grace Riley in the principal cast. It has been written and directed by Aatif Zafar.

It has been quite a while since “The Achilles Protocol” hit the news, but we have recently got our hands on some of the latest pictures of the cast of “The Achilles Protocol”.

Armeena, a robot named Isis, is believed to be the future of the mankind evolution. She will be portraying a rogue with artificial intelligence and a superiority complex. This is her look from the latest picture!


Another important character of this movie is the Major, who is responsible for creating Isis. Played by Mark Hill, the Major comes to the realization that his project was more than just to bring life to his mute daughter, when it results in the militarization of Isis. The daughter of the Major will be played by Grace Riley.

The Major!

Christopher Faith will be taking the role of The Hacker, who is an ex-soldier of a military branch, named SolHack. Soldier Hacker is responsible to eliminate the digital threats around the globe. He is humanity’s last hope in defeating Isis and stopping the warheads.

The Hacker!


Regarding her character in this movie, Armeena said in an interview,

“It is a far cry from the regular portrayals of [women] that the Pakistani audiences are used to. I am playing the main antagonist and female lead in the film.”

It looks like an interesting upcoming movie and we hope that our Bin Roye star keeps entertaining us with more national and international projects!

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