Nida Yasir In Hot Waters For Interviewing Newly Married Couple!


There was a time when the first thing our mothers used do as switch on the TV while having their early cup of tea along side breakfast but gone are the days…

Pakistani morning shows have really crossed their limits nowadays. For the sake of TRP, morning shows have lost their standards and credibility. From dancing to fake weddings, most of these shows have content with no quality and people have literally started hating such shows.

Just recently, a teenager couple Asad & Nimra tied the knot earlier this month. Little did the couple know that they would go viral and become famous in no time. Not only this, but the beautiful young 18-year-old couple also became a target of strong criticism.

However, wasn’t Nikkah the best thing to do when you’re committed to someone and want to make things halal?

Here’s the beautiful young couple!

As the couple slowly garnered fame, famous Pakistani actress and morning show host, Nida Yasir decided to invite the newly-wed couple on her show ‘Good Morning Pakistan’ and did what she does best – Ask irrelevant and personal questions.

Check this out!

After this clip had gone viral on social media, people couldn’t help but notice how uncomfortable the couple became after she interrogated them with pointless questions.

and this…

Well, seems like people actually enjoy watching such stuff. What do you think of this interview? Let us know in the comments below.

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