Nida Yasir Complains About Not Being Able To Buy ‘Designer’ Clothes

Image Source: Express Tribune

The novel coronavirus has surely gotten out of hand and just seems to be spreading on a daily basis. The number of cases and deaths are increasing rapidly. As the cases have hit one million and more than 50,000 deaths have occurred, countries are now announcing lockdowns and curfews to contain the spread of this virus as much they can.

From global events being canceled to film productions, from big business to small ones, everything seems to have come to halt as if somebody has pressed the ‘pause’ button.  However, what hasn’t come to a halt is Nida Yasir’s morning show ‘Good Morning Pakistan’.

Nida Yasir’s show has grabbed the people’s attention for various reasons. The main reason being ‘social-distance’. As the whole nation is practicing sitting at home during the lockdown and curfew, Nida Yasir is out there hosting her morning shows.

Nida Yasir Complains About Not Being Able To Buy ‘Designer’ Clothes

Just recently, in one of her shows, Nida shared what has truly saddened her during the coronavirus pandemic. She said that as much as she wants to wear designer clothes, she’s unable to get them because all the designer have shut down for now. She further added that she has to look through her old (last year’s) pile of clothes to choose something to wear.

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Moreover, people on Neitzens are concerned over the fact that why is Nida Yasir still hosting morning shows?

This user had a lot of questions!

People wanted her to stop doing her shows and practice social-distancing way before…

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