Nigar Film Awards 2017 Ceremony Postponed


According to a press release issued on Saturday, the Nigar team has decided to reschedule the 47th Nigar Film Awards. The Nigar team believes in keeping the structural process the same as t used to be previously.

Mr. Aslam Ilyas Rashdi said,

“We at Nigar value trust, and believe in continuous improvement for a constructive contribution to the film industry.”

Nigar Legacy Grand Celebration:

However, a grand event will be held on March 16, 2017, to celebrate the legacy of Nigar. The event, celebrating Nigar’s legacy, promises to be an exciting and entertaining, with some surprise announcements as well.

Nigar Weekly, the pioneer of Pakistan film’s print media was founded by Mr. Ilyas Rasheedi, who also introduced the Nigar Awards in 1957, the only authentic awards of its time.

The legacy was carried forward by his son, Mr. Aslam Ilyas Rasheedi. Nigar’s mission and vision have always been clear  — to be transparent, legitimate and entertaining. This year, Mr. Aslam Ilyas Rasheedi decided to celebrate Nigar Weekly’s 68 years of publication and steadfastness in supporting the film industry.

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