No More Chupan Chupai – The Official Trailer Is Out!

The official trailer of Mohsin Ali’s upcoming crime-caper Chupan Chupai is out and we are loving the one-liners and the comic timings that were last seen in Na Maloom Afraad or Jawani Phir Nahi Ani. Ahsan Khan couldn’t have chosen a better film to make a comeback to films and he is aided here by seniors as well as newcomers who dazzle in the trailer.

One-liners make you smile, laugh and smile more

What stands out in the trailer of Chupan Chupai are the one-liners and dialogues by writer/director Mohsin Ali and Zeeshan Haider. From the very first frame till the last, the good-for-nothing guys crack one-liners to attract the audience’s attention.

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Be it delivered by either of the three con men who are stupid by nature and cursed by luck, it has an impact to make you attentive. Rehan Sheikh’s Lights, Camera, Action is good enough to appear before the title while the haath peeche reminds you of the situational comedy classic Andaaz Apna Apna where the heroes were following the villain when it should have been the other way around.

The girl & guys look awesome

Neelam Munir plays a bad ass character in her debut film and is the center of attention when it comes to the leading man played by Ahsan Khan. He manages to make an impact as well and one hopes that people will forget the Paa Imtiaz character after this flick is released.

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Adnan Jaffer comes out as the main antagonist who looks tough and for the first time might use his height as a leverage; Rehan Sheikh keeps reinventing himself and here he plays a gangster who is not bad (in his own words). It was good to see Faizan Khawaja in a substantial role and the way he delivers Iqbal’s poetry incorrectly, inadvertently makes you smile. The three stooges Ali Rizvi, Wajdan Shah and Zayed Sheikh also make their presence felt and their comic element is one reason people will leave their homes and visit the cinema.

Freshness is the key

Mohsin Ali & Zayed Sheikh are behind the Story and Screenplay of the film; Mohsin had written Wrong No. before but this time, he has penned the script and directed it to avoid someone else calling the shots for his work.

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The freshness in screenplay and direction makes this trailer different from the many released in the last 2 months. The cast is fresh (Ahsan Khan and Talat Hussain don’t regularly do films), the locations are relatable and so is the story, from whatever we have learned from the trailer. Let’s hope the film does well in cinemas and gives Pakistan’s ailing film industry one last push.