Noor Bukhari Breaks Silence On Rumors of Marrying Bushra Maneka’s Ex-Husband


Recently, the news of actress turned evangelist Noor Bukhari’s fifth marriage has been making all rounds on the social media.

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Some fake rumors were spread on the internet that Imran Khan’s wife, Bushra Maneka, wants the former actress and model Noor Bukhari to marry her ex-husband Khawar Maneka.

Noor Bukhari Shuts Down Haters For Trolling Her Daughter

Actress Noor Bukhari immediately denied the rumors, saying that she will sue all the reporters who are defaming her.

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As soon as she heard the news, she did not remain silent and made a video on her YouTube channel. She hit back the haters and slammed them for making rumors about her 5th marriage.

She said: 

It’s been ten months since I have left the entertainment industry but some people are still after me. They are making fake new regarding my 5th marriage literary every month and it is disturbing.

She further added: 

Some people have said that Bushra Bibi has fixed my marriage with her ex-husband. How can people say such things about me? I have always taken my own decision and I have never told anybody to find a proposal for me. Whenever I will get married I will announce it publicly.

Noor Bukhari further said that she is going to sue all the people who are defaming me for no reason. 

I first thought to sue the guy who initiated this fake rumor on Twitter but whenever I ask the reporters they always say that they get news from sources. They need to understand that Sources can be fake as well.

She further told to stop worrying about her marriage!

Everybody is worrying about my marriage. There are so many problems in Pakistan but people are after my marriage. it is just affecting my family.

Watch her full video below:

This is not the first time that Noor is facing such controversies. Previously, some rumors were spread that Noor will re-marry her ex-husband Awn Chaudhry which she denied immediately.

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