Noor Bukhari Shuts Down Haters For Trolling Her Daughter


Actress turned evangelist Noor Bukhari made headlines last year when she announced her exit from the entertainment industry.

Since then, the actress had decided to only appear in front of the media with her head covered.

A few months ago, the former actress launched a personal YouTube channel to share her religious transformation and her daily makeup regime.

On the request of her YouTube followers, Noor Bukhari made a candid video of her daughter Fatima.

The cute VLOG showed the little darling enjoying a day in Islamabad with her mom and we just couldn’t stop gushing over her cuteness!

During the video, Fatima mentioned her dad that she will be soon meeting him. The viewers were bound to catch this piece of information.


Following this, keyboard warriors started pouring in hate comments for Noor and her daughter!

Fatima became a target of trolls for talking about her father in the video!

However, Noor did not remain silent! In her next video, she hit back at all the haters and slammed them for mocking her daughter.

Like a fierce mom, she schooled them all for their cringe-worthy comments!

She said:

Everybody tells me to ignore my haters but I have no issue when untill talk bad things about me. But I will never tolerate any bad comments on my daughter.

She further added:

I never prohibited my daughter to meet her father. It’s her right and he does take care of her. She is such a happy child.

One of my followers asked me that who is the father of Fatima and i hated it the most.

Noor further said that she does not get any profit from the video but she only does this for her love. 

I don’t get any money from YouTube but I still made videos for the young girls who follow me.

She further discussed that how hard it is to leave the entertainment industry but nobody ever supported her for this step. 

It is very hard to leave the such glamorous life of entertainment industry but I still somehow managed to change my path but nobody appreciates me for this.

Well, we believe that this is her personal life and no one should judge anybody by their past.

Noor was first got married to a Dubai-based businessman, Vikram and after leaving him, she tied the knot with TV director Farooq Mengal.

After her divorce from Farooq Mengal, Noor got married to Aun Chaudhry. Later, she got married to Wali Hamid Ali Khan after falling in love on the sets of their film Ishq Positive.

These Pictures of Noor Bukhari On An Umrah With Her Daughter Are precious

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