Noor ul Ain Episode 1 Review: A Beautiful Start to an Interesting Love Story!


Starring two of the most amazing faces, Imran Abbas and Sajal Aly, the first episode of the most awaited drama, Noor ul Ain, got aired yesterday and it was worth waiting for!

Directed by Sarmad Khoosat, this love story is written by Edison Idrees Masih and the first glimpse was enough to tell that it’s going to be really interesting!

Noor ul Ain, Sajal Aly, is a confident girl who meets Khizer, Imran Abbas, when their cars accidentally hit. Even though, it was Noor’s mistake but she blames it all on Khizer and he has no option left but to fix her car and let her drive his own!

Khizer is instantly attracted to Noor’s personality and her outspokenness. To add more flavor, Noor forgets her diary in the car which Khizer finds out!

Khizer belongs to a well-off family and his mother seems super serious about him not taking his professional life seriously!

On the other hand, Noor bringing home the big car is the talk of her street. From Noor’s parents and sister to her aunt Ghazala, everyone now wants to meet this “guy”.

When Khizer comes to return the car, the situation looked more like a “Rishta-scene”, with Noor’s mother being super worried, Ghazala asking personal questions and Noor’s sister looking at Khizer from behind the door. The quirkiness in the scene was truly hilarious!

The next day, Khizer asks Noor out, to which she refuses at first but later agrees, when she finds out he has her journal.

Khizer seems pretty straight-forward and on their 3rd meeting, he proposes Noor to marry him. Noor instantly refuses but later smiles, so we know where the things are going!

The overall episode was interesting and the way it started, focusing on every detail was good enough to introduce us to the characters. Imran Abbas and Sajal Aly put forward an effortless chemistry and we can already see one more favorite on-screen couple in the making.

Now, we have to wait for the next episode to see how things move forward between the two!

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