Noor Ul Ain Episode 2 Review: The Start to an Amazing Love Story!


So, we witnessed an interesting start with episode 1 of the new drama serial Noor Ul Ain. One thing great about the drama is that while the story is simple to understand, the characters bring out the much-needed intensity for the viewers. It’s straight-forward and less complicated story-line makes it all the more interesting to watch.

The second episode starts with Noor Ul Ain landing a job for herself in an interior designing firm. Being an architect, she is pretty focused and happy about it.

However, her mother seems to have the plans of getting her daughters married. Noor’s father on the other hand puts the happiness of her daughters first and advises his wife to do the same when picking out a rishta.

Meanwhile, things are the opposite for Khizer as his mother wants him succeed in his career life. Khizer is pretty lazy about it so she makes the decision of sending him to America.

The next day, Mr. Qasim gives Noor the father-daughter talk before her first day of work.

However Noor reassures her dad that she will put his respect first while going out.

Later, Khizer spots Noor while he helps his friend to drop off the painting he made. To impress her, he ends up lying that he was the one who made the paintings.

Noor find’s out that Khizer did not make those paintings and brushes him off.

Meanwhile, Noor’s mother is set on finding good rishtas for her daughters even though her daughter had landed on such a good job. Yikes! Noor also finds out that her sister is already set to get married soon and is pretty concerned about it.

Let’s see how the story unfolds in the coming episodes.

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