This Official Music Video of Azad Will Make You Crave for More


Azad is a highly anticipated Pakistani drama and comedy film that most of you are waiting for. It’s written and directed by Rehan Sheikh. The film features some of the great and popular actors in the Pakistani industry like Sanam Saeed, Salman Shahid, Rehan Sheikh, Nimra Bucha, Sabreen Hasbani Zahid Ahmed, Imran Abbas and more.

The movie is an off-beat drama and comedy that takes place in the modern day of Pakistan. The protogonist is a free spirited DJ who hosts a morning show on the radio until one day, he realizes his own thoughts on freedom.

The film will feature comedy, romance and a glimpse of the 90s with a mix of poetry that is never seen before in Pakistani films.

Speaking of Dj, as amazing as the film is anticipated to be, the songs are even better. One of these amazing songs have officially been released as an official music video titled as Kuch Mat Pucho by Abbas Ali Khan and features Rehan Sheikh.

The music video beautifully reminiscences the story of two lovers from one person’s perspective. The poem in the video read by the singer narrates us the feelings of the protagonist’s love towards the love of his life. He talks about the small details that a person notices when they’re around the person they love and when they are not there anymore. Abbas Ali Khan beautifully captures love in just a few verses of the song.

It doesn’t matter if you’re in love or not, the video will still prove to be a gem once you listen to it.

Azad will be releasing on the 9th of Feburary 2018 in theaters but the trailers and teasers keep coming, take a look!

Don’t miss it.

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