OMG! Riya Sen’s Secret Husband Looks Just Like Fawad Khan


Celebrity doppelgangers are all the rage now. Ranveer Singh, Emraan Hashmi, SRK and even Salman Khan, all superstars have a look alike that the world has already found. But guess who found Fawad Khan’s look alike?

It’s Riya Sen! Remember her? She is the Bengali beauty who appeared in a handful of Bollywood flicks and music videos. Riya didn’t just find Fawad’s lookalike but according to rumours, she has already tied the knot.

The man of the hour is Riya Sen’s long-time boyfriend Sivam Tiwari who bears a striking resemblance to Fawad Khan, especially in the beard-look.

Little is known about her husband Shivam other than the fact that he’s interested in photography. There are plenty of pictures of him on Riya’s Instagram, like this one:

Do you see the striking resemblance? We sure do!

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