Pakistani Actresses Who Rocked Their No-Makeup Looks


Being an actress is not a piece of cake. Paparazzi are always after them for pictures and for good snaps, so their makeup should always be on fleek. But the time is changing now as the newcomers are not afraid to go without makeup in public and embrace their natural beauty.

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In fact, they sometimes click and share their pictures on social media accounts without any makeup on. We think they are setting a pretty cool example as each of them looks cute and adorable as always.

Here are a few actresses who dared to go makeup-free and won our hearts instantly!

Nadia Hussain

Nadia Hussain recently posted her no-makeup selfie and challenged Mahira Khan, Sajal Aly and others to post their photos too.

Well, we think she looks absolutely flawless as always.

Hina Altaf

This selfie of Hina Altaf is straight after her workout session and man, she nailed it!

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Iqra Aziz 

Still so hot! What does this woman eat, anyways!


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#gymmotivation #gymlife #healthyfood #goodlife #core #workitout

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Neelum Munir 

Doesn’t she look better without makeup?

Mahira Khan 

Makeup free and gorgeous! That’s Mahira Khan for you guys!

Yumna Zaidi 

Can she be any cuter?

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