Pakistani-American Actor Makes Hollywood Debut!


Pakistanis have already made their presence felt, all over the world. However, growing up in a city as topsy-turvy as Karachi, Kumail Nanjiani had never imagined that he would one day star in a Hollywood rom-com.

The Karachi-born-American will bring to the big screen the real-life story of a 39-year-old comedian. And how he met and fell in love with Emily Gordon, his American wife.

The Big Sick revolves around breaking American stereotypes, portraying Muslims as regular people,

“Obviously it would be great if our movie came out and people didn’t see it as a political statement because it really isn’t. It is just a love story and a comedy, said Nanijani.”

The film narrates a whirlwind courtship.

Nanjiani’s strict Muslim parents try to set him up with an arranged marriage.  However, Emily falls gravely ill, forcing him to take charge. Moreover, along the lines, he builds a relationship with her parents.

The film will release in selected cinemas on June 23rd.

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