Pakistani Band Fuzon Denied Visa To Promote Bollywood Album


Pakistani band Fuzon was denied an Indian visa to promote their new album, made in collaboration with Indian artists. After this, their four-day promotional tour India was canceled. They were supposed to arrive in the country during the second week of April for the promotions.

The band lent their songs to Raveena Tandon’s comeback movie ‘Maatr’.

“(Securing) visa was the primary issue. Officials at the visa office also advised the team against the concert. [They feared] relations between the countries would be further affected if right-wing elements caused harm to Fuzon or their property during the performance.” A source from their production unit claimed so.

Meanwhile, in Karachi, the entire band has been asked to not fly to India, which includes Khurram Iqbal, Shallum Asher Xavier and Imran Momina.

The band was not available to give any comments while Anjum said,

“The recording was done in their studio in Pakistan. Momina felt Rahat Fateh Ali Khan’s voice would be perfect for the song Zindagi Ae Zindagi, which is an emotional track mapping Raveena’s journey as a mother in the film.”

He added in the end,

“It is a deep song that people will connect to. They recorded the song at Rahat’s home in Lahore. I believe art and culture should remain independent of politics. I feel ordinary citizens of both countries want peace, no one wants these tensions and threat of war.”

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