If Pakistani Celebrities Were Cast As Founders of Pakistan


With Pakistani cinema’s revival on the horizon, new scripts keep popping up. However, one story that must be revived is the Pakistan’s story of struggle. One that can never be forgotten, the story is so powerful and moving that we feel it deserves a biopic of its own.

It can also highlight the struggles the founders of Pakistan went through and the obstacles they faced, while trying to create an identity of their own. Such a movie can also help embed patriotism into the new generation.

Here are 5 Pakistani celebrities we think can be cast as the founding leaders of Pakistan:

1. Aamina Sheikh as Fatima Jinnah

Aside from being a leading founder of Pakistan, Fatima Jinnah was also a dental surgeon and biographer. Commemorated as ‘Madr-e-Millat’ and ‘Khatoon-e-Pakistan’, Fatima faced plenty of struggles in getting her brother’s message to the nation.

We think Aamina is just gusty enough to play Quaid-e-Azam’s younger sister Fatima Jinnah.

amina sheikh as FATIMA jinnah


2. Adeel Hashmi as Liaquat Ali Khan

Widely known as ‘Shaheed-e-Millat’, Liaquat Ali Khan became the first Prime Minister of Pakistan, after years of struggle.

Adeel Hashmi, grandson of renowned poet Faiz Ahmed Faiz, has just the right look and background to play Liaquat Ali Khan. Hashmi can pull off a serious character just as well as his comical ads. He comes from an influential family, but has faced plenty of obstacles to build his own career.

adeel hashmi as LIAQAT ali khan


3. Adeel Hussain as Jinnah:

A name that needs no introduction is Jinnah, the Quaid-e-Azam of Pakistan. His life and story is widely known all over the world.

While Adeel Hussain is a relatively new face in the industry (as compared to seasoned actors), he has definitely proved his acting chops in Ho Mann Jahaan and Dobara Phir Se. Also, Adeel highly resembles a young Jinnah, as can be seen below:

adeel hussain as JINNAH


4. Moammar Rana as Allama Iqbal:

The ‘Shair-e-Mashriq’ Allama Iqbal is another name that each and every student has studied in grade 9 or 10. Iqbal’s undying conviction that Jinnah is the right leader of the Muslims is what led Jinnah back to India.

Moammar Rana has been involved in Pakistani cinema from a very young age. He will definitely do justice as Allama Iqbal.

moammar rana as IQBAL

5. Ahmed Ali Butt as Khawaja Nazimuddin:

Khawaja Nazimuddin was the successor of Liaquat Ali Khan. He played quite a role in stabilizing the nation after the deaths of both Jinnah and Khan.

Aside from the obvious similarity in stature, Ahmed Ali Butt is a marvelous actor. Though he has mainly done comical roles, it will be a treat to see him in a serious avatar!

ahmed ali butt as KHAWAJA

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