If Pakistani Celebrities Didn’t Have Eyebrows!


Pakistani celebrities are always up to one crazy antic or another. But no matter what, they always look fabulous. Perfect coiffed hair, expertly applied makeup and glamorous outfits, they never fail to impress.

But what if something went wrong? More specifically, how glamorous would Pakistani celebrities look if they didn’t have stylists and makeup artists?

Here we’ve re-imagined several Pakistani celebrities without a key feature of their face – their EYEBROWS!

Take a look:

Syra Shehroz:

Syra yousuf

Hamza Ali Abbasi:

Hamza ali abbasi

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Saba Qamar:saba qamar

Feroze Khan:

Feroz khan

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Mehwish Hayat:

mehwish hayat

Fahad Mustafa:

fahad mustafa

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Sajal Ali:

sajal ali

Ayeza Khan:
ayeza khan

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Ali Zafar:

ali zafar

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