If Pakistani Celebrities Were Pakistani War Heroes


23rd March marks the day it was official. Muslims of the sub-continent finally got a name to their purpose, Pakistan. Don’t worry this isn’t a history lesson. It’s just days like these puts us in a patriotic mood.

Every Pakistani war hero has a remarkable story to tell. They need just the right people to play them for audiences to hear it.

What are we talking about?

Well, biopics seem to be quite a trend these days. They are also the perfect way to put the hidden figures of our nation in the limelight. They immortalize their brave efforts that have brought great honor to the country.

So here is the list of Pakistani celebrities we would like to play the fictional version of these real life war heroes:

1. Mohib Mirza as Major Aziz Bhatti

Major Aziz Bhatti is one of the many brave commanders whose valiant decisions and precious lives won us the war of ’65.

This ‘Bachaana’ star has proved that he can be an action hero. Plus his seriousness and dignified persona matches that of the late Aziz Bhatti’s.

mohib mirza as AZIZ BHATTI

2. Fawad Khan as Lalak Jaan

Lalak Jaan may have just been a Havaldar, but when the time demanded it, he accomplished feats like a true soldier.

We’d love to see our favorite Khan pull off this role. Fawad likes challenges and we present him one in the form of this brave young man who came from a small town in the Northern Areas.

fawad khan as LALAK JAN

3. Syra Shehroz as Marium Mukhtar

Marium’s story has already been made into a telefilm, yet we think Syra would be perfect for this. Syra encapsulates the innocence and the spark of a young girl that will beautifully capture the passion Marium has in her to become a fighter pilot.

syra yousaf as MARIUM MUKHTAR

4. Adnan Siddiqui as Muhammad Akram

Major Akram took part in both the major wars of 65 and 71. His strength and courage kept him alive at the battlefield for five whole days even though they were outnumbered by the enemy.

Adnan Siddiqui’s charismatic and dignified persona will easily fill in the shoes of the late Major.

adnan siddiqui MUHAMMAD AKRAM

5.Mikaal Zulfiqar as Mohammad Mahfuz

Muhammad Mahfuz died fighting for his country single-handedly after he was injured and lost his machine gun. Apart from a Nishan-e-Haider, his sacrifice was commemorated by naming his town after him.

With his strong physique and stature, Mikaal looks like he was built for this role. This also seems like a good opportunity for him to reappear in the Pakistani films with a bang.

meekal zulfiqar MUHAMMAD MAHFUZ

6. Ahsan Khan as Shabbir Shareef

Shabbir Sharif was given the title of ‘Superman’ of Pakistan army, as it was not an act but the continuous dedication of this man throughout the war that entitled him to be given the Nishan-e-Haider.

His performance in ‘Udaari’ had everyone blown away, therefore it seems just right that after receiving so much hate from the audiences, Ahsan Khan deserves some love. A lead like this will make him our hero again.

ahsan khan as SHABBIR SHARIF

7. Shaan Shahid as Sher Khan

Colonel Sher Khan was the ‘symbol of mettle and courage’ during the Kargil Conflict.

Therefore, Pakistan’s own action hero, Shaan should be cast for this role. After all, he is already a ‘Waar’ veteran.

shaan shahid as SHER KHAN

8. Behroz Sabzwari as Major Tufail Mohammad Shareef

Major Shareef might not have battled out in the major Indo-Pak wars. Yet his courage while defending a village in East Pakistan makes for an interesting war story.

Behroz Sahab can capture the authority and respect of this company commander at the drop of a hat.

behroz subzwari as TUFAIL M SHARIF

9. Fahad Mustafa as Rashid Minhas

Rashid Minhas is the only member of the Pakistan Air Force to receive the Nishan-e-Haider for his successful attempt in stopping a hijacker from taking his jet towards enemy lines.

Our ‘Actor in Law’, Fahad Mustafa has the acting chops to do justice to this character. Plus is it just us or is there a resemblance?

fahad mustafa RASHID MINHAS

Now that we have got the casting finalized, tell us which ones you would like to be made into a reality?

We think other than a Nishan-e-Haider or some national day talk shows remembering them, these men (and a woman!) need a larger platform for their stories to be heard, remembered and celebrated.

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