If Pakistani Celebrities Played Game of Thrones Lead Characters?

Game of Thrones

Even if you’ve been living under the rocks (which is highly improbable, since you’re reading this) you’ve at least heard about Game of Thrones craze. From Katrina Kaif to Barack Obama – you’ll hardly meet or know anyone who hasn’t watched HBO’s fantasy drama.

From the moment Game of Thrones aired its first episode, it actually felt like there was one show in the entire universe which was as good as its book. It took the world by a storm. The killings, the battles, the dragons, the story, everything was perfect. It was such that the world started being classified with two kinds of people: one, who watch GOT, and two, who started watching due to peer pressure. Dubbed as the biggest and most popular show in the TV history, Game of Thrones bewitched millions of fans worldwide.

And then, one day, season 8 aired.

Dubbed as the biggest and most popular show in the TV history, Game of Thrones has bewitched millions of fans worldwide with its 8th season. The crazy hype led us to wonder what if this hugely popular show was made in Pakistan?

Who would play the Stark patriarch, Ned? Or who can be as manipulative and conceiving as Cersei Lannister? Well, we’ve got our picks and here they are:

Ahmed Ali Butt as Samwell Tarly

This is the perfect match. They’re both of the same stature and physique. They both make amazing sidekicks and can we talk about how well they both can manage to make us laugh? We could definitely see Ahmed Ali Butt killing a white-walker like its no big deal.

Ahsan Khan as Jon Snow

The same smouldering looks, the same heroic action and the same convincing acting. All that’s left is Jon Snow’s curly head of hair and we can replace him with Ahsan Khan. Oh yes, and contacts to cover Ahsan Khan’s naturally bluish green eyes.

Half Targareyan +Half Stark = Brown hair and brown eyes.

Ali Azmat as Lord Varys

Well, you know the physical similarity but let’s not forget Ali Azmi’s brilliantly sneaky performance as a politician in Waar.

Ayesha Khan as Sansa Stark

This one is tough to digest but give it some time and you would see why Ayesha Khan can do justice to Sansa’s evolving character from a shy girl to the clever Lady Stark.

Hamza Ali Abbasi as Rob Stark

Forever the righteous hero who often gets into trouble for his black-and-white views – do we even need another reason?

Javed Sheikh as Ned Stark

Who else can play the good-hearted head of the family better than the guy who has played the dad role for SRK in Om Shanti Om?

Mehwish Hayat as Cersei Lannister

Mehwish is a brilliant actor. She has proven her talent time and again. We’re pretty sure she would love to play the ultimate vamp role of Cersei Lannister.

Sonya Hussain as Daenerys Targaryen

Innocent yet ambitious, beautiful yet smart – Sonya Hussain would fit in  Khaleesi’s stylish wardrobe and character perfectly.