Pakistani Celebrities React to the Horrific Rape Case in Kasur in a Way You’ve never Seen Before


The recent horrifying events happening around Pakistan have triggered rage in the entire country. With Zainab’s horrifying rape and murder case being the 12th one in Kasur people are now finally stepping out of their houses to raise their voice against such inhumane and heinous crimes!

Pakistani celebrities also protested on road, near the press club in Karachi. Many A-list stars joined the mourning including Mahira Khan, Ayesha Omar, Shehzad Roy, Sanam Mody Saeed, Hina Khwaja Bayat, Junii Zeyad and many more.

For this important cause, these celebrities weren’t afraid to go on the streets.

Mahira Khan took Verna as an example and said that whenever there’s a talk about abuse, one or more ban takes place.

She also talked about how important it is to teach our children about sexual education and abuse. That parents should not be ashamed of talking against abuse and that we should teach our children to be more open with us. She said that we need to step forward so that another #Justicefor- doesn’t become a reality.

Hassan Ahmed also took to his Facebook to express his views on this spine-chilling incident.

Singer Shehzad Roy said that we need to practice strict measures in order to stop events like these from happening in the future.

Just like this, many other celebrities raised their voices against this issue, including Junii Zeyad

And even stars like Saba Qamar Zaman who couldn’t make it to the protest but raised her voice on media instead. She said, this can happen to any one of us and we should not remain silent about this issue. We should work on it.

Maria Wasti also raised her voice on social media.

As Junii Zeyad said, now that we’ve taken this step forward, we should never back down. It’s time we educate our children and stop being ashamed and scared of what’s happening. Instead we fight for it and bring justice so that no child is ever tortured again.

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