Pakistani Celebrities Support Mohsin Abbas Haider After He Opens Up About Depression


Our multi-talented star, Mohsin Abbas Haider, whom we all adore for his acting, singing and writing skills, has left us all worried with his emotionally overwhelming post on social media.

Mohsin Abbas Haider opened up about depression in his recent post and said that it will kill him soon and thanked all the people who has caused it.

Here’s what he wrote:

Just before he shared this message, Mohsin posted a poetry titled ‘Wasiyat’.

Seeing such a jolly actor losing hope is absolutely heartbreaking and we just hope that whatever is going on in his life, Mohsin finds strength to fight through it.

Not just that his followers came up to support the NMA 2 actor in this tough time, many Pakistani celebrities also showed support to Mohsin Abbas Haider and tried to talk him through this.

Ayesha Omar made sure to let her fellow actor know that he’s not alone and he’s loved by many, many people. She suggested him to surround himself with positive people and listen to verses of the Quran when he is feeling helpless.

Here’s what Ayesha Omar commented:

Shamoon Abbasi advised him to start fresh tomorrow and don’t let depression grow by external pressure. 

Mansha Pasha and Osman Khalid Butt, Mohsin’s co-star in an upcoming film Baaji, tried to reach out to him!

Anoushey Ashraf, Natasha Baig, Ali Gul Pir also sent their support to the actor.

Mathira shared her own fight through depression and asked Mohsin to stay strong!


Mohsin Abbas Haider is one of the finest actors we have in our industry. Not just his acting, his soulful voice and urdu poetry also rule over her hearts. Let’s hope that our star stays strong through this tough time and be able to pull himself back together.

After losing so many people due to depression worldwide, it’s high time to realize the seriousness of this mental illness and try to support people who are going through it.

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