Pakistani Celebrities With Their Adorable Kids


Pakistani celebrities are the superheroes of the reviving Pakistani film industry. Along with successful careers, these TV personalities have adorable kids behind the screen.

Here are a few picture perfect moments arranged by us of our favourite actors including Mahira Khan, Fahad Mustafa, Syra Shehroz, and others with their kids. These celebrities take good care of their children while they work hard for our entertainment.

Mahira Khan 

Ever so gorgeous Mahira Khan has a son named Azlaan with estranged husband Ali Askari. The couple separated back in 2007. The stars upcoming movie Raees, is much awaited in India and Pakistan.

Pakistani Celebrity Kids

Juggan Kazim

Beautiful Juggan was married to Adnan Ghafoor. The couple separated over Juggan accusing Ghafoor of domestic violence when their son, Hamza was just two months old.

Pakistani Celebrity Kids

Fawad Afzal Khan

Lollywood’s boy-next-door, Fawad Afzal Khan has a son Ayaan Khan who is five years old with wife Sadaf Afzal Khan. Fawad Khan is currently celebrating the success of his latest movie, Kapoor and Sons.

Pakistani Celebrity Kids

Sunita Marshal

Sunita Marshal married her co-star Hassan Ahmed. The couple has a girl named Raakin Ahmed and a boy Zynah Ahmed.

Pakistani Celebrity Kids

Nadia Hussain

Superwomen Nadia Hussain, who is a model and an entrepreneur is married to Atif Khan, who is a stockbroker. Together the couple has four adorable kids named Shadal, Shanza, Sasha and Sherdad.

Pakistani Celebrity Kids

Shaista Lodhi

Shaista Lodhi is a famous TV show host. She is currently preparing to host Baran-e-Rehmat. She has three children named Eeman Wahidi, Shafey Wahidi, and Faiz Wahidi with ex-husband Waqar Wahid.

Pakistani Celebrity Kids

Shehroz Sabzwari and Syra Shehroz

The power couple of Lollywood Shehroz and Syra are always under the limelight. The Edward and Bella of Lollywood have a beautiful daughter named Noreeh, who is almost two years old.

Pakistani Celebrity Kids

Veena Malik

Veena Malik who is a Pakistani model, and TV host. She is also an actress who has two children with hubby Asad Bashir Khan Khattak named Abram Khan Khattak and Amal Asad Khan. While Abram is a year old, Amal is just eight months old.

Pakistani Celebrity Kids

Fahad Mustafa

Fahad Mustafa is a model and actor, television personality better known for hosting Jeeto Pakistan. Fahad is married to Sana and the couple has a cute little daughter named Fatima.

Pakistani Celebrity Kids

Faysal Quraishi

Faysal Quraishi is known for his acting skills. He has hosted few Pakistani talk shows. He has three children from three different spouses named Hanish and Aayat.

Pakistani Celebrity Kids

Shugufta Ejaz

Shugufta Ejaz is currently working on Ary Digital’s drama, Dugdugi. She has four daughters from two spouses all together.

Pakistani Celebrity Kids

Danish Taimor and Ayeza Khan

The couple that always manages to melt million of hearts, be it on screen or off screen, Danish and Ayeza are everyone’s favourite. The couple married back in 2015 and became parents of a beautiful daughter in the year 2015.

Pakistani Celebrity Kids

Hadiqa Kiani

Hadiqa is a famous singer across the globe. She is also a songwriter and a model. She adopted Naad-E-Ali from Edhi after her divorce with Syed Fareed Sarwar, who is a businessman.

Pakistani Celebrity Kids

Meesha Shafi

Meesha Shafi is Saba Waseem’s daughter. She is a famous singer, actor and a model. She is married to Mahmood Rahman and has a daughter Janevi in who was born in in 2011.

Pakistani Celebrity Kids
Atif Aslam

Atif Aslam is a Pakistani actor and better known as a singer. He tied knots with Sara Bharwana in the year 2013  and has a son named Ahad Atif.

Pakistani Celebrity Kids

We love our celebrities doting on their lil munchkins! Share your favorite celebs snapped with their kids in the comments below.