Pakistani Horror Film ‘Maya’ Released On Youtube!


After its release in Pakistani cinemas on 12th June last year and with the response it received from enthusiastic viewers everywhere, the makers of the film have decided to release the film on Beyond Records official YouTube channel.

This horror film is one of Pakistan’s first features of this genre, directed by Jawad Bashir. The film stars Ahmed Abdul Rehman, Zain Afzal, Sheikh Mohammad Ahmed Anam Malik, and Rasheed Ali with a guest appearance by Jawad Bashir and Ali Aftab. The multitalented Hina Jawad not only starred in the film but also produced it and wrote the screenplay.

This movie is based on true events, as promised by Hina Jawad, who had heard of the story whilst traveling in Denmark. The lack of big names in the film’s cast did not bother Jawad Bashir one bit as he said,

 “I don’t believe in stars.”

He believes that all actors can act, whether they be big shots or not but the movie, “shouldn’t be launched based on star cast.”

The makers of the film “Maya” has released the full movie on their YouTube channel this Saturday, the 5th of November. Not only is it free to view this thriller, but also it can be displayed in high definition for the audience’s ultimate viewing pleasure. Having been only two days since its release its numbers have already reached about three thousand views and many positive comments have been posted by satisfied viewers.

Go grab some popcorn and indulge in this fine thriller!