Pakistani Models Who Have Always Been Ahead of Their Time


Pakistan’s fashion industry has always been blessed with models who have be appreciated nationally and internationally for their impressive personalities. To be honest, these people are naturally blessed with a unique fashion sense and effortless style!

Here’s we have put together a list of Pakistani models who have always been ahead of their time:


  1. Atiya Khan
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The style icon of the 80s, Atiya Khan, is known for her extraordinary fashion sense. She was the leading model of her era.


  1. Aminah Haq


Aminah is considered as the most glamorous model of the 90s. The super model is famous for her grace and charm.


  1. ZQ


Zainab Qayyum is one of the talented Pakistani models, who defined the fashion sense of the early 2000s.


  1. Iman Ali

Today at #DolmenMallClifton 'Is blue the new black?' #ImanAli #Akifilyas #ehteshamansari

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Iman Ali took our fashion industry to another level by her impeccable looks and effortless style. People literally go gaga over her looks!


  1. Mehreen Syed


Mehreen, the famous  super model, has been rocking our fashion industry by her exceptional looks since quite a long time!


  1. Nadia Hussain

Smile because it can make the world go round!!!! ??#nadiahussain #smilematters

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Nadia Hussain has the talent to look perfect without any efforts. The supermodel/ dentist, is always looked up to when it comes to style!


  1. Ayyan

havecan awesome day 🙂 #ayyan #ayyanofficial

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Ayyan is known for her stunning looks, breath-taking style and incredible sense of fashion. She has certainly set a new standard in our fashion industry!



  1. Sadaf Kanwal

Angel ?

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Sadaf Kanwal is blessed to look exceptional no matter what she wears. She can be seen flaunting an eastern attire or perfectly rocking a western outfit!


  1. Amna Ilyas

Amna is considered as the hottest Pakistani super model. Her dusky complexion and gorgeous looks have been the attraction for many!


  1. Fouzia Aman


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Fouzia has become a fashion sensation of recent times. She looks flawless in every look!




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