Pakistani Movie Armaan: Release Date, Trailer, Details


Pakistani cinema is moving forward by leaps and bounds. The latest movie on the cinematic landscape is a short film by Asma Humayun, called ‘Armaan’. Armaan is all set to release on 25th of March this year, however, it is not yet known whether Armaan will be an online release or a cinematic release. One thing is for sure, it is expected to give some competition to Raasta, starring Sahir Lodhi. Featuring an all new cast, Armaan is written, directed and produced by Asma Humayun.

Here’s what Asma Humayun had to say about her new venture:

Growing up in Pakistan, I remember playing in the streets free of all troubles and worries… I remember a time when belonging to the country was a good thing. I remember believing in magic and thinking that nothing was ever impossible.

I know I can’t change the world, but I can still try to change the negative perception of the country & its people that have given me so much over the years in any little way I can.

There is an alternate positive reality that exists in my wondrous homeland and through this film, I am showcasing a genuine image of the country and the goodness of its people with a message of hope, love, and magic.

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The story of “Armaan” began with a simple idea about a little boy in Northern Pakistan who sets off on a quest to catch sunlight for his mother. Keeping this simple concept in mind, the intention of the film was to capture the essence of a child’s innocence and how believing in magic and love can make seemingly impossible dreams come to life.

Release Date: March 25, 2017



  • Armaan: Usher Umer
  • Mum: Asma Umer
  • Wise old man: Mehboob Elahi Awan

Directed By: Asma Humayun

Written By: Asma Humayun

Screenplay By: Asma Humayun

Produced By: Asma Humayun, Line producer: Iradat Dadi, Consulting Producer: Asad-ul Haq

Genre: Magical realism set in a socially realistic landscape

Studio: The Black Sheep in association with Shiny Toy Guns

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