Pakistani Movie ‘Balu Mahi’ Screened as Hindi Language Movie in Singapore


Last we heard, the Pakistani movie ‘Balu Mahi’ was shot in Urdu and not Hindi, however, it was screened as a Hindi language movie in Singapore. The love affair in the movie was accidental but was this also an accident?

osman khalid butt

Let us clear the air for you a bit. The movie was screened as a Hindi language movie to attract a large number of Indian audiences.

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The much anticipated for Pakistani movie ‘Balu Mahi’ hit the screens on 10th February. The movie is a romantic comedy starring the Pakistani heartthrob of French descent Osman Khalid Butt as Balu and Ainy Jaffri Rehman as Mahi.

The movie revolves around Mahi, who despises the idea of marriage and is not very keen of her husband-to-be either. To get away from all the drama she decides to run away with Balu.

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Apart from the small talk and romance, the movie is creating waves in the industry!

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