Pakistani Movie Dukhtar House Full At UN Screening


Award-winning Pakistani film ‘Dukhtar’ had a house full at its screening in the UN headquarters.

A side event was organized by Pakistan’s UN ambassador, Maleeha Lodhi during the 61st annual session of the Commission on the Status of women in the Trusteeship Council Chamber where the film was screened.

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Lodhi praised the Pakistani film industry in her opening remarks and emphasized on the fact that the revival was only because of the young filmmakers, including women who’ve produced films on social issues and have been tackling with diverse topics other than entertainment, over the past few years.

Afia Nathaniel, the director, briefly talked about the film.

Dukhtar is about the hardships a mother has to face to protect her daughter from the brutalities of society, in the film’s case, child marriages.

She also said that the film which revolved around a mother’s love for her daughter will help build bridges and bring people together.

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Lakshmi Puri, the Deputy Executive Director of UN women, UN Secretariat officials and a large number of UN diplomats including the Pakistani diaspora were present at the event.

Dukhtar was also premiered at the first ever Pakistan film festival organized by the Pakistan Mission. The two-day festival was held last year in New York.

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