Pakistani Movie Maula Jatt 2: Mahira Khan, Hamza Ali Abbasi Shocking Details Revealed!


Shocking details were revealed of Maula Jatt 2 by Mahira Khan & Hamza Ali Abbasi on Tonight with HSY. Leaving the fans utterly disappointed!

If you were holding out hope that Mahira and Hamza would score a scene together in Maula Jatt 2. Your dreams are about to be crushed *insert sad emoji here*.


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What a bummer! Fans have been rallying for the two to star in a project together. When they heard the two have signed up for Bilal Lashari’s film, they were over the moon. However, the two won’t be seen together in the film. Yes, there is not a single scene between the two in the probably 2-3 hours long film. Talk about the height of disappointment!

“He (Hamza) was the most excited about me joining Maula Jatt and it’s funny how we don’t have a single scene together,” said Mahira Khan.

However, Hamza did reveal that he may have a tiny scene in the film with Mahira.

But it will be nothing more than a phone call just to please the audiences. Not sure if it caters to the same level of excitement, it’s a ray of hope.

Mahira Khan Slams Rumors of Refusing Pakistani Movie Maula Jatt 2

We hope the duo sign a movie in the future together. That would surely be a treat for all!

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