Pakistani Movie Raasta Ft Sahir Lodhi Flops at Box Office


The Sahir Lodhi starer Raasta turned out to be a risk for the box office. Pakistan recently produced a series of films that achieved both critical and commercial success. However, 2017’s Raasta did not follow the same path.

According to local media, the distributors are quite upset.

“We are disappointed and have realized that purchasing Raasta was not a good decision. Now we are facing losses. Besides other factors, technically its production, script, acting and dialogues were weak and disappointed the public.”

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The source further added,

“Despite repeated requests, Sahir Lodhi didn’t hold a press conference in Lahore even though he was present in the city. We were surprised at his overconfidence and now the result is in front of everyone.”

The film was not able to recoup a very large budget. As per reports, the film managed to collect Rs 2 million on the first day of its release.


The money is not nearly enough to cope up with the film’s budgeting.

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