Pakistani Movie Shah by Adnan Sarwar Released on Youtube


In a bid to counter piracy, Pakistani

filmmaker, Adnan Sarwar has released his hit movie, Shah online on YouTube for all his fans to see in high definition quality. Based on the life of Pakistani boxer, Shah Hussain the low budget movie became a commerically hit venture for Sarwar.

While talking to the Media, Sarwar said: “We knew so many people would be recording the film on [substandard] resolution. Our strategy was to counter the film’s piracy and release the film online on our own terms. .

After receivng a great response on TV and in cinemas, the director of the movie wanted to ensure that the team’s hardwork isn’t compromised with bootleg version hence he decided to give his fans the free HD version.

The movie is available online – with Urdu and English subtitles on YouTube.

Despite of its low budget. the biopic received rave reviews from Pakistani movie-goers due to its strong storyline and heartfelt acting.  It documents how Shah became the only boxer in Pakistan’s history to secure an Olympic medal in the sport.

Adnan Sarwarl portrayed Hussain Shah in the biopic.