Whistle’s Item Song ‘Phuljhari’ Will Make You Want To Claw Your Eyes Out


The upcoming Pakistani movie Whistle has recently released a new song entitled ‘Phuljhari’. The movie is all set to ‘blow your senses’, as per their official Facebook page. However, if the rest of the movie is anything like the video, our senses will definitely be blown – an not in a good way. Probably one of the worst to hit the Internet in 2017, this video will make you want to claw your eyes out.

We can’t decide what’s the worst thing about it.

The makeup or the hair?

The clothes or the dancing?

The setup?

Or the depiction of alcohol, which clearly looks like colored water?


Here’s the video of the song Phuljhari, though we strongly advise you not to watch it:

The story of Whistle revolves around an ANF (Anti-Narcotic Force) Officer Ramiz and Natalia who works for the Drug Mafia. The story contain themes such as; nationalism anti-drug trafficking.

Farhan Ali Agha is playing the lead role in the film. It is produced under the banner of Mian Mohammad Yasin and directed by Ammad Azhar. Written by Shafaq Ahmad, the screenplay is provided by Mirza Naeem Baig and Ammad Azhar.


“Whistle focuses on the main issue of drug trafficking and how our prestigious institutions are dealing with this problem,” said the director.

The film is all set to release on 17th February 2017.