Pakistani Movies That Failed in 2017: Box Office Report


Four Pakistani movie titles landed on the line up at the start of the year. Despite the record-breaking highs, the Lollywood Box Office will also be remembered for devastating lows.

This leaves filmmakers Sahir Lodhi, Babrik Shah, Haissam Hussain and Jamshed Jan badly bruised.

Here’s a list of every Pakistani movie that bombed in 2017:

The films from reasonably priced fares to big budget players failed to set new records in the industry.


To be honest, what was Sahir Lodhi thinking? Even the poster of the film lacks originality.

Balu Mahi

The Pakistani film industry needs to understand that you can’t just cast a bunch of good looking people and expect for the movie to be a success.

Sawaal 700 Crore Dollar Ka

I honestly didn’t even know this movie existed until today. 700 crore dollars? Are you kidding us?

Maula Way

The script of the film seemed to be very promising. However, like the previous three films it failed to hit the right mark.

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