Amna Ilyas Proves She Is the Hottest Pakistani Supermodel


Pakistan’s dark and dusky diva Amna Ilyas has been ruling the modeling world with her long sexy legs, steely stare, long silky mane and the perfect pout with features that could kill!

From runaway to television to the silver screen, there is no ground left that the bold and beautiful Amna Ilyas has failed to conquer. With her sexy and bold appeal, the laudable starlet is the ultimate and most irresistible package in the world of entertainment.

With her massive accomplishments and urbane style, she holds the power to win the world of glamour and even challenge the best international models such as Cara Delevingne, Gisele Bundchen and Adriana Lima.

And why do we say that?  Below are 10 times Amna Ilyas proved she could beat any international model, outshining the sultry foreign beauties with her own desi glow.

When she rocked those smokey eyes and nude lips in a shimmering moonlight blue gown for FHM Pakistan

FHM Pakistan featuring Amna Ilyas
When these lusty red lips looked far better on her than those fair-skinned American supermodels

Amna Ilyas and her sexy pout

When she bared her toned back and looked super sexy

Amna Ilyas bares her toned back

The time her contour game was a  hundred times better than any Kardashian

Amna Ilyas and her sexy legs
When she sparkled in a glittery black gown and made everyone go gaga over her

Amna Ilyas in a glittery black gown

When her slender legs made all the girls green with envy 

Amna Ilyas


When she flaunted a slinky black bikini proving she can even play a lead in Baywatch

Amna Ilyas Bikini Shool

The time she stayed wild loud and free for an HSY Shoot

Amna Ilyas & Mohammad for HSY

When she flirted with the camera with her nice but naughty look

Amna Ilyas
The time she looked so badass with her lean lady legs that she could have killed anyone!

Amna Ilyas and her legs

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