Pakistani Supermodel’s Bold Photoshoot Ignities Social Media’s Wrath


Be it an actress or model, social media users just don’t miss any chance to bash anybody.  This time another Pakistani supermodel Misbah Mumtaz is facing the wrath of social media.

Misbah Saleem has lately become the center of attention on the internet because of her bold photoshoot.

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The pictures that are being shared on social media are from her photoshoot with famous fashion photographer Umair Bin Nisar.

Have a look at her recent steamy look! 

Misbah Saleem’s hottest avatar for a fashion magazine annoyed her fans and followers on the internet.

While some of her fans have praised her for her hot look, others were harsh! Here’s how some of the users have targetted her on the picture.

Few people were simply abusive.


And as usual, some people brought in religion.

Some fans were left heartbroken!

Well, this person thinks that he has the right to abuse anybody!

This is not the first time that a model is being bashed for a photoshoot. Our fashion industry is evolving and we think that it is time to accept the change.

What do you think about Misbah Saleem’s photoshoot? Let us know in the comments section below.

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