Pakistan’s First Dance Movie Titled Dance Kahani Release Date Revealed


The dying Pakistani film industry has drastically revived over a period of time with some super successful and influential films contributing to this change. To take the industry’s growth and revival to a whole new level, filmmakers have started experimenting and exploring a number of different and new  genres. After romance, drama, thriller and horror, upcoming director Omar Hassan is all set to make his directorial debut through Pakistan’s first dance movie titled Dance Kahani releasing on August 5. He aims to bring Karachi’s hip hop culture to light with this project.

The film is directed and written by Omar Hassan and is co-produced by H2O Films and Ion Entertainment banner in collaboration with Act One.

Dance Kahani

“When life puts you down, get up and dance!” – Dance Kahani

Dance Kahani features a western lead actress, Madeleine Hanna as Nuzhat/Nizzy, a British Pakistani beauty who tries to fulfill her dream of becoming a professional dancer, fighting against the norms and cultural barriers that come her way. The movie also stars Vernin U’chong, Abdul Ghani, Shezi Khan, Abdul Rahim, Ramiz Law, Irfan and Barkat Ali.

Previously, titled Dance Diaries, the movie was first set to release in 2014 with the official teaser and poster revealed in April 2014.

Dance Kahani Poster

Watch the official trailer of Dance Kahani below:

This film will promote some exceptionally talented dancers from Pakistan as it stars hip-hop artists from Quetta, Peshawar, Karachi, Islamabad and Lahore. And judging by the trailer, the film appears to be a complete package full of entertainment yet very different from the usual commercial hits.

“The idea was not just to make the first dance film, but to make something truly unique,” Omar stated.

“Cinema, for me, is all about making dreams come true – not only the characters’ dreams in the film, but also of the people in the streets. They need to know that if they can dare to dream it, they can achieve it too. We must give them hope and relief through our films,” he further shared.

Well, Omar’s approach of bringing in a new genre in the Pakistani film industry is an experiment worth examining.

Dance Kahani is set to release this August 5th

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