Parchi Trailer – A Step In The Na Maloom Direction!


Ever since Na Maloom Afraad heralded the current phase of cinema revival, Pakistan’s film industry has been on the rise (amidst hiccups) – Azfar Jafri’s Parchi is likely to be a step in the Na Maloom direction that will take the industry forward than backward. The film’s trailer was launched this weekend and has been appreciated by most if not all, despite being 3-minute long. And why wouldn’t people like it – it has as many as 4 hunks (3 handsome, pun intended) and a ravishing beauty who want to rob the godfather Zodiac. Will they succeed or not, the audience will know on 5th January 2018 when the film is released in a cinema near you – till then, let’s analyze the trailer.


For someone who has known most of the cast due to their theatrics (here it stands for theatre acting), Parchi trailer was as good as expected. Hareem Farooq has always been a tom boyish kind of person and here she gets to play that on screen; after losing weight she is unrecognizable and resembles the Bollywood actresses of the 90s (Sonali Bendre and gang) who could dance, look beautiful and were confident even after he camera stopped rolling. Then there is Ali Rehman Khan who resembles Ranveer Singh only in appearance; we all know he can give anyone a tough time on screen. Usman Mukhtar who is the man responsible for the international look doubles as the Director of Photography as well as the second lead (or maybe the main lead) since it is he who is shown dancing with Hareem’s character in the Billo song. Ahmed Ali Akber disappointed his fans with his 2 scene role in Ho Mann Jahaan but the Sam of Karachi Se Lahore is back and this time, he gets to play a good-guy-turned-gangster. Faizan Shaikh loves to change appearances and that’s what he has done in the scene where he announces the arrival of the madam. Five points for those who can guess that he is the same guy who decided to stay back with the love of his life in Maalik!


Then there are the newcomers Mojiz Hasan, Talal Jilani and Faiza Saleem, although the last one didn’t impress in her bit in the trailer. Talal looks dangerous while Mojiz who was prominent in the teaser doesn’t have much to do here. Director Azfar Jafri seems to have made an appearance in one of the rainy sequences and if that’s really him, then we want more of him. Shafqat Khan has written the script and like Faizan, he likes to change appearances – he was the villain’s sidekick in Janaan but here he plays bhola the man who receives the parchi thrown from a window by a Na Maloom Afraad.


The Billo song is the highlight of the trailer as all the cast members display their dance prowess, courtesy Osman Khalid Butt who is undoubtedly the best dancer in the business (remember Balu Mahi, anyone?). It would have been great had the song been sung by local singers than from across the border but hey, if it sounds good why go into the details. The trailer ends with Usman Mukhtar’s antics while tied to a rope and everyone who saw the clip burst out laughing. Let’s hope the film also makes the audience laugh like that rather than paying homage to Na Maloom Afraad, Fukray and other heist films.