Peek Freans Whole Wheat Slices 21 Day Challenge: Pakistani Celebrities Geared Up To Be Fit

Peek Freans 21 Day Challenge

Recently, our favorite brand Peek Freans announced its ‘Peek Freans Whole Wheat Slices 21 Day Challenge’ to drive the country towards being more conscious of their health and well-being.

Soon after the announcement, a number of people joined hands to be a part of the 21 Day Challenge.

Celebrities like Hareem Farooq, Ramsha Khan, Emad Irfani and others came forward and tried hard to do their best.

Have a look at what celebrities have said about the challenge!

Ramsha Khan!

In this video, The Kaisa Hai Naseeba actress Ramsha Khan is sharing her experience of her Peek Freans Whole Wheat Slice challenge. She said that she is totally avoiding junk food and trying her best to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Have a look at the video!

Hareem Farooq

The Parchi actress took to her Instagram account and shared that she is all geared up for the challenge!

Here the video!

Emmad Irfani

The handsome hunk Emad Irfani also challenged himself to start cardio workouts.

It is so good to see that the bigwigs of the Pakistani entertainment industry came together for such great and inspired their fans for a healthier lifestyle!

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