PEMRA Lays Down Guidelines for Ramadan Transmissions 2017


The Holy month of Ramadan is about to start and TV channels will be airing different shows aiming to promote the teachings of Islam. The television regulatory authority PEMRA has laid down guidelines for the Ramadan Transmissions. They have announced certain rules and regulations.


According to PEMRA, the Ramadan programs have helped TV channels increase their ratings. These shows do not benefit the society in any way, all it did was raise conflicts and questions by the viewers.

Channels often misuse religion for these ratings. Their lust for ratings has destroyed the concept of religious ethics and morals. It promotes differences among the people which leads to chaos among the societies.

PEMRA has also put out its new rules for drama serials:

Pakistani Drama Serials Must Follow PEMRA’s New Rules

No Proper Scripts

PEMRA received several complains about the shows that they have no proper system and scripts. Lack of supervision, not fulfilling the sole purpose of a Ramadan transmission.

Keeping these complaints in mind, PEMRA issued this notice:

They Tweeted it on their account:

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