PEMRA May Now Take Notice Of Sahir Lodhi


Sahir Lodhi’s dance moves are making headlines for all the wrong reasons. Just when we thought this man has sobered down – he once again left his audience bewildered with his behaviour. Live on television Sahir broke out into wild bhangra to supposedly his favourite song Afghan Jalebi. 

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Joined by the cast of upcoming film Chain Aye Na this TV host stood out on the dance floor as he danced like there’s no tomorrow. Literally.

Even Shahroz Subzwari gave up the dance floor. We see him slowly fading away into the background, perhaps wishing – if only he could have Sahir’s groove.

And it wasn’t just him. At this point we see everyone stepping aside and focusing on this legend’s thumkas.

Apparently Sahir felt like everyone must join into the party, here we see him pull a reluctant member of the audience – and push him on the dance floor.

But this guy seems to have a lot of swag, so does director Syed Noor.

In fact Sobia Khan has some interesting moves here as well.

If you haven’t already seen a video of this epic morning show segment, watch it here:

Seems like Shahroz Subzwari had his reasons for staying in the background throughout Sahir’s performance.

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